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About Our Child Care Center in Downingtown, PA

Creative Kids is a child care center in Downingtown, PA, providing care and education for the children of our community. We are licensed as a childcare facility by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services and as a private kindergarten by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
As a leading provider of early education programs, we take pride in offering the best care and attention your child deserves. We are dedicated to serving the needs of your family and strive to do what we do better than any other center in our area. At Creative Kids, we love, care for, and educate children. We are proud of our results and confident you will be, too, as your child blossoms into their full potential throughout their creative years.
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What We Offer

At our day care, we believe children learn best when their physical and psychological needs are met. They need to know their school is a safe place with abundant love and excellent educational opportunities.
Our child care center recognizes that each child is a special individual and is always treated as such. Kids also develop individually, so we focus on appropriate activities that offer challenges at all age levels. We strive to encourage each child to maximize their physical, emotional, and mental development.
With over 30 years of experience raising children, both ours and yours, we are proud of our achievements. More importantly, we take pride in the children we have helped raise. Our private kindergarten is committed to guiding kids in our care so they can achieve their full potential and become valued members of our community.
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Our Impact

Creative Kids is a day care that has been involved in the education and growth of thousands of children. Some of them have gone on to attend prestigious colleges and universities, including:
  • Chester County Community College
  • Delaware County Community College
  • Neumann University
  • Arcadia University
  • West Chester University
  • University of Tampa
  • University of South Florida
  • Osceola Community College
  • Villanova University
  • Drexel University School of Law
  • Villanova University School of Law
  • Nova Southeastern University School of Medicine
The former students of our child care center have gone on to further their formal education by becoming teachers, nurses, and engineers. One recently passed the New Jersey Bar Exam and is a practicing attorney-at-law. He is joined by another distinguished graduate of our program who finished medical school and is now a successful doctor of osteopathic medicine.
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