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Prekindergarten Class for 4-Year-Olds in Downingtown, PA

Our prekindergarten class in Downingtown, PA, is jam-packed with fun and adventure. Our children work together throughout the day while enjoying all the planned activities.
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Prekindergarten Class Activities

The morning starts with circle time, which is focused on the week's theme. During this activity, your child will continue developing an understanding of math, language skills, puzzles, life skills, computer skills, nutrition, handwriting, and more.
During inside activities, children work in small groups doing hands-on activities, all supervised by our talented teachers. We finish the morning with a healthy snack, followed by playtime outside. When the kids return inside, they are served lunch that rivals the good meals you have at home.
The afternoon brings handwriting activities. Again, the children are placed in small groups, where the teachers help them improve their skills. Other afternoon programs include art projects, computer time, and work on the week's theme.
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