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Private Child Care Facility
in Downingtown, PA

Creative Kids of Downingtown has over 30 years of experience nurturing and shaping young minds. Our approach focuses on enhancing their physical and psychological growth through activities that challenge them individually. That’s why we create a warm and caring environment that encourages each child to achieve their full potential.

As a licensed child care center, our facility is designed to provide the best possible infant to kindergarten education. Children that come to Creative Kids learn and thrive in a safe environment while building their confidence and individuality. Thus, invest in your child’s future by scheduling a meeting at our child care facility in Downingtown, PA.

Prioritizing Safety & Health

Our private kindergarten takes health and safety seriously to protect every child attending our facility. We have implemented strict protocols prioritizing a clean environment for all of our children, from infants to kindergarten. Our team follows guidelines daily and takes precautions to maintain a healthy and germ-free space for everyone. From disinfecting toys to frequent handwashing, we take every step necessary to keep children safe.

Additionally, our facilities and classrooms are regularly cleaned with advanced, child-safe, and effective chemical solutions. For more information about how we clean our equipment and school area, contact our day care in Downingtown, PA.
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