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Childcare for Older Toddlers (24 to 36 Months) in Downingtown, PA

In our older toddler room at Creative Kids, your child is busy learning all about their world. Our teachers engage our young friends in fun learning all day in our childcare for older toddlers in Downingtown, PA. In this classroom, we love to do arts and crafts and work with our hands. Your child will typically complete one new art project each day based on the week's theme.
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What to Expect in Our Older Toddler Room

When your child first arrives in this classroom, many fun centers are open for playtime. This helps each child adjust to the transition from home to school. After breakfast, storytime is a great way to introduce the children to the week's theme. Circle time includes great songs, dancing, numbers, alphabet identification, and other interesting activities to engage each child.
Afterward, your child will head out to the playground for their age and abilities. Learning centers start after the children return, filled with fine and gross motor activities. These include puzzles, Legos, blocks, balance beams, coloring, painting, books, and more.
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